Body . . . Mind. . . Spirit . . .

“Whether as a spiritual director, clinical social worker, teacher, or in vocational ministry, I am dedicated to creating space for the care and support of others and joining them in that personal quest.”
– Jennifer Andersson

About Jennifer Andersson

Jennifer Andersson, LMSW, CSD, has been walking with people on their personal journeys for over 30 years. She began her vocational life in 1990, trained as a music teacher. As she was increasingly drawn to further address the personal and social needs of her students, their families, and communities, she received her Master’s Degree in clinical social work in 1994. 

Her focus on the whole person (mind, body, AND spirit) then naturally drew Jennifer to becoming a certified Spiritual Director (2009) as well as a licensed Bi-vocational pastor (2006-2022). It is through these avenues that Jennifer has worked with individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families at all stages of life, from birth to end of life.


Licensed Master Social Worker


Certified Spiritual Director

The Story of Enriched Self

Authentic. Life. Direction.

As a mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend I have always been a relational person. I care deeply about people and I am fascinated by how we understand ourselves and relate to one another and to the world around us. As I have grown in my faith and understanding of the person I was created to be, I have developed a deep sense that we are loved and accepted by our creator. Not only do we have infinite value, but we also have an authentic or whole self, body, mind and spirit. I have come to believe that living out of our authentic self is what empowers us to value, care for and relate to others and to live a full life of meaning, purpose and direction.

Experienced Practitioner

I have always been drawn toward life choices and interests that inform, support and celebrate people. For the last 25 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, teacher, pastor and certified Spiritual Director, I have worked with individuals and groups as they look more deeply and intentionally at the meaning, purpose and direction of their lives.

Compassionate Companion

I have had the honor of walking alongside many people of different ages and in a variety of capacities and settings: students and families in schools and homes; older adults in care facilities; those in hospice moving through the dying process; and individuals and groups in faith communities as we navigate faith and life and their intertwining. What has stood out to me most are people’s deep need to be seen, to be heard, and to be understood and it is in this context that I came to understand my gift and calling as a compassionate companion to others on their life’s journey.

Passionate Listener

My passion is to listen to others, and in turn, help them listen to the Spirit within. It is out of this calling that Enriched Self was born. At its essence, Enriched Self is intended to restore our authentic self and bring the mind, body and spirit back into rhythm to restore wellness, fulfillment and joy.

Core Values


We long for authenticity and for an awakening to our authentic self such that we can embrace our inherent value as human beings and therefore see that same value in all people, enriching our community and our world.


We sense there is something missing in our life and so we give ourselves permission to learn new ways to be, move and live in the world. Enriched Self offers the gift of mindfulness through the discipline of self awareness and reflection as well as spiritual practices to renew our mind, body and spirit. This new way of being will allow us to move forward in life as a whole person with new purpose and direction.


We were made for community and we are not intended to live this life–or do the work of exploration and discovery– alone. Enriched Self meets you honestly, right where you are and provides a safe and confidential space to explore and embrace your longings and desires, with a companion to guide you on the journey toward healing, fulfillment and inner peace.


We were meant to live life to the full as whole and healed people, agents of peace and reconciliation to the world around us. Enriched Self provides a place and resources to help heal the divisiveness that exists within and between people.

Companions on the Journey (Testimonials)

Jennifer is a natural retreat leader. She has great depth and experience, and is a blessing to those who attend her retreats. She is very gifted and well prepared. She is creative and includes a variety of ways for people to connect with God. She is a wonderful teacher and at the same time naturally creates contemplative space for people to go deeper with God. She listens deeply to God and to retreatants.

Eva Sullivan-Knoff

Executive Director
of the Journey
Center of Chicago

As a Spiritual Director, Jennifer has provided me with timely, thoughtful, and accurate reflection on my journey, enabling me to see deeper into my own experiences than I could on my own. Her ability to explore, understand, and then accompany me in these discoveries is not only healing and helpful, but freeing and enjoyable at the same time. I have been fortunate to receive such care and grown in my gracious interaction with her, and you will, too.



Jennifer has walked–and is walking the walk–so she understands at the deepest level that knowing and embracing oneself is the key to a rich, satisfying life. Her retreat work emphasizes this search for and acceptance of the true self. Jennifer welcomes each person just as they are and, through a variety of thoughtful and creative methods, encourages movement toward ever-deepening awareness.

Ken Lund

Spiritual Director and
Adjunct Professor at
North Park Theological
Seminary, Chicago

I met Jennifer at a series of retreats for people in ministry facing impending life transitions. I was very angry about changes in my job due to a new onset disability and was in a difficult place spiritually. I was drawn to her empathy and  compassion, and to her familiarity with those who have to deal with disabilities. She is insightful and attunes to God’s Spirit as she listens to my stories of struggles and successes. She understands my pain and disability, my relationship with God and myself and why I tend to react or resist in certain patterns. She encourages me to experiment and talks with me about what resonates as I seek closer fellowship with God. But though she is my Spiritual Director she will never tell me directly what to do or provide facile answers like four easy steps to centering prayer, much to my frustration at times. But that is what makes her so valuable – she never lets me take the easy way out but always affirms me in my relationship with God while helping me to find peace and joy as I learn to live my best life as a person with chronic pain and disability.

Rev. Dr. Cindy

We had Jennifer lead an Enneagram workshop at Portage Lake Bible Camp in June of 2018 with about 35 summer staff members. The goal of this workshop was to learn how the Enneagram can help us not only work with each other in a Christ filled environment, but also to learn how the Enneagram shows us our own unique tendencies, and the different ways we will approach situations in our ministries.  Jennifer did a fantastic job of not only explaining the major points of these aspects in a short period of time yet did so in a fun and engaging way.  Most of the summer staff members are late high school or college aged, a time when people are really finding their identity. I feel that for many of them this short one-hour session was a solid stepping stone on that journey. We asked Jennifer back in 2019.

Nick Loubert

Program Director,
Portage Lake Bible
Camp, MI

Jennifer led an Enneagram  workshop at our church where I was a fairly new staff member. She was kind and caring in helping me walk through discovery of who I am in Christ. Her calming presence made it easy and natural to navigate questions and made me feel so  welcome to this new staff and to the Enneagram itself. I was able to discover so much about who God made me to be–and to live into that–but it truly helped our staff work better together. What I loved most about our time together was Jennifer’s easy going personality, her ability to make the participants open up and the authentic way she is around all types of people.

Laura Jackson

Children's Pastor