Awaken to your authentic self

“As I began to engage in these practices I discovered (to my astonished delight) that these “means of grace” were fundamentally changing the way I lived, moved and had my being in the world.” – Michael Yankoski

Tending to the whole self

When we focus our attention and self-affirmation only on the part of us that brings us financial success and recognition, we lack wholeness, true fulfillment and inner peace. Enriched Self is built on the foundation that to be fully alive we must tend to our whole self–mind, body and spirit. To this end, Enriched Self offers a variety of groups, workshops, retreats and private sessions as well as unique events that can be tailored to your church group, organization, youth group, staff and corporate training. Let Enriched Self create something just for you!

Explore the possibilities

Explore pathways that will help you awaken to the Holy, explore your longings, discover your authentic self and live life to the full.

Spiritual Direction

As we fill our lives with busyness our spiritual self often goes unnoticed and under nourished. Spiritual Direction is a time set aside with one who prayerfully listens to you, allowing you the opportunity to pay attention and respond to God’s personal communication with you.

Personal Life Coaching

Personal life coaching offers tools, strategies and guided perspectives to face and overcome the challenges and hardships life brings. Personal coaching will help you focus on your own healing and transformation and in turn, contribute to the transformation story of another.


A retreat is a place where you intentionally step away from the world and set aside distraction and begin to be re-inspired, find spaciousness, listen deeper and allow your thoughts to unfold to gain a new perspective. These experiences can be secular, or spiritually contemplative depending on your purposes and needs.

Contemplative Spirituality and Spiritual Formation

If you are spiritually searching, longing to experience the presence of God and the transformation that comes from that encounter, you have found a companion for your journey. Enriched Self is a safe, welcoming and helpful place for all who are spiritually thirsty, no matter what path you have chosen at this point in your journey.

Mindfulness, Self Care and Wellness

Mindfulness, at its essence, is the intentional act of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. It is often used as a therapeutic technique. Mindfulness also allows for more thoughtful responses to life’s challenges and will enhance any self-care practice.

Enneagram and Relationships

The Enneagram is a resource for transformation in our lives, relationships and communities. The nine personality types with their distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are all reflections of how each of us see the world and ourselves. The Enneagram is a resource for personal enrichment and transformation as well as relationship, team and community building.

Arts, Spirituality & Creativity

The arts and creative expression can open a beautiful connection to our own heart, to the Holy and to others. Encounter the Holy as you savor what others bring to us through art, theater, music and literature and experience God’s presence and love as you explore our own creativity.