Enneagram and Relationships

Enneagram and Relationships

“If we observe ourselves truthfully and non-judgmentally, seeing the mechanisms of our personality in action, we can wake up, and our lives can be a miraculous unfolding of beauty and joy…that is the wisdom of the Enneagram.” – Don Riso

The Enneagram is a resource for transformation in our lives, relationships and communities. The nine personality types with their distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are all reflections of how each of us see the world and ourselves and how each of us is uniquely created in the divine image. The Enneagram is a resource for personal enrichment and transformation as well as relationship, team and community building.

Groups, Workshops and Retreats

  • Who am I and Why? – An Introduction to the Enneagram.
  • Putting Into Practice my Inner Resources – Living Into the Wisdom of the Enneagram.
  • What Makes My Spouse/Significant Other Tick? – The Wisdom of the Enneagram in Relationships.
  • Working Together: Learning to work together more effectively through the wisdom of the Enneagram.


Suggested Reading List

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